About Us

The Great American Photo Contest

In the fall of 2006, the The Great American Photo Contest launched its online baby photo contest. The concept was to create a safe environment where people could show off photographs of their children, enjoy browsing through photos of other children, and win cash just for participating. Our website taps into the idea of empowering the public to choose a winner by voting, which results in some friendly competition among contestants to see who can generate the most votes. Participation in the competition is simple and free. Because we are supported by advertising sponsors, we are able to give away thousands of dollars every month.

The CEO of the The Great American Photo Contest, Mr. Joshua G., is the father of two girls. He and his wife have spent countless hours photographing their children and capturing video footage of their day-to-day lives.

"It's those small moments that when captured on film, also capture the essence of a child's life," says Mr. G. "Looking at typical birthday party photos can get a little boring, but that one great moment when your child is explaining or expressing a thought to you...that's what you really remember."

Besides being a father, Mr. G is a lawyer by training and has been working in the Internet industry since the "turn of the century."