Our Stories

Ivory rose
My name is ivory i was born December 9,2017 I am 8 months old born in San Antonio Texas I love to blow bubbles with my mouth and stuck my tongue out. I love to smile also

Meilanni audrianna rodriguez
My name Is meilanni and just love my baby gerber foods it’s so yummy. I love when it’s breakfast lunch and dinner time! Can’t wait until I can eat all the gerber foods.

Azilyah Sage Jefford
My name is Azilyah Sage, I’m 3 years old turning on 20! My personality is so bold, my imagination is out of this world! My favorite color is purple and I love playing with my baby dolls!

Raven Marie Bunch
Raven is a fun loving baby girl. She is very out going. She loves her vegetables and helping in the garden.She has a puppy named Rouger she helps take care of. When she is not napping she is a ball of energy.

Christianna Armani Moten is 6 months old with a 6 year old personality she is the baby sister of triplets and one brother .. mother Ladrieka Zanders father Christopher Moten her favorite thing to watch on tv is Sesame Street

Wyatt is a very special boy, he is the brother of 4 girls and the only one born after 27hrs of labor, having to come out through a c- section. I've seen many people enter these contests and never thought to enter, but today I said why not? I always call him my handsome little man and I hope everyone finds him to he as handsome as I do.