Our Stories

Savannah Grace Englind
Savannah Grace is a Blessing baby to our Family. She is also a what is known as a Rainbow Baby. A Baby that was concieved after a miscarriage. Her personality is independent little Lady. She is very Friendly and makes new friends everywhere she goes. She is also a very picky lady when it comes to her outfits. Her father since her birth would show her how to make a big deal out of her clothing and she loves going through her outfits..as it may remind her of her short years of her belated Father.

Ariyah Rebecca Lynn Eng is my youngest neice. She was born on mothers day 2019. Ariyah sadly passed away and left us on June 3rd 2019. I'm entering her photo to share our memories of her and her existance.

Celine batts
Celine is a miracle baby from day one I almost lost fer the docs said to be prepared come back so they could get rid of her as they put it she fought through it then I was told she would be deformed I cried and then ecepted it and then I was told at an ultrasound I needed to get to the hospital emergency c- section she weighed 4pd 3oz and was healthy as can be and was cleared before me.

This my first trying this with any of my kids I am doing this to make her happy she my beautiful baby she loves music cartoons loves to sing loud to be 7 months she the best thing that ever happen to me in I love her so much.

Arthur Lee
Arthur is my grown up baby. He's now 38 yrs old with a teenage daughter of his own. He will always be my baby boy, so sweet and full of love for his mommy

Micah is now 6 months!! He is a very happy and smart baby!! He loves to move around and loves receiving attention at all times!!! He’s very chill unless he gets hungry. He’s amazing inside and out!!!