Our Stories

Khalaisha lopez
Im 4 yrs old..i love to sing and dance and play make believe..i love the color purple,pink and yellow..i just started preschool this year. I have an older brother that is 5 yrs old. He is my best friend..

Josiah JoRon Saunders
Josiah just full of love hugs laughter and he love to cuddle . Smiles all day every day very smart lil guy catches on really fast everyone loves having him around wonder what he going to do next he just loves life and loves to learn . He love to show you what he learned his favorite thing is his ABC’s and he loves to count. I just Love his life and the joy he brings. Omg before I forget he loves anything to do with music singing dancing drums u can name it piano ect... he very in tuned.

Blayke Lee Anne Dabbs
My Name is Blayke, I have 3 year old triplet sisters and I am 1 year old. My mommy says I am chubby, patient, smart and kind and my nickname is POOTY BOOTY. please vote1 me in... thank you

Malakhi Guy was born on 9/29/2019 he weighs 4pounds Nd 7ounce he’s very happy baby will keep you smiling even when you going through tuff times he’s always smiling Very loving when you pick him up he hugs you like no other baby

Nash n Noaj
Our names are Nash and Noah we are now 15 months old and love getting into everything. Please vote for us to win every vote counts! Please please please :) from the both of us.

Jagger has an infectious personality that lights up every room he walks into! He loves to snuggle, play outside, play with cars, and he loves to watch Secret Life of Pets!