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Hello ??So This Is About Ariah ???? She Is So Brave And Beautiful! And Just want To Show The World ?? How Adorable She Are ???? Well Here We Goooo ! Ariah Is 1Year in Age ?? She Was Born 12/05/16 5pouds 7ounces She Is Still very Small But Sooo Stinking Cute ! She Loves Meeting New people’s She Is Very Friendly And Smart ?? And Has Great ! Potential Very inspiring little girl ???? Loves Smiling And Having her pictures taken ?? This Lil princess ?? is Awesome ??

Kamani was 3 weeks early! She's very alert for a 2 week old. She is ready to take on the world you can tell!!! Let's give baby Kamani her first victory!!

Mi'Lani J'Maia
Don't you just love a beautiful baby? Well that's me! Momma should've name me Beautiful. However, my name is Mi'Lani J'Maia, I'll be turning 3 months on May 16th. I am ver delightful cheerful baby. Eat, sleep, play is my favorite pastime hobbies. Smiling is always my strong suit. Though I smile I have a mean straight face glare! Watch out everybody, because I'm coming through.

Le’Bria Nelson
Hey I’m Le’Bria .. I was born October 30th 2016 ! I’m a only child & im a very happy baby. I love to give hugs and kisses to mommy! My mommy says I’m going to be a STAR!!!!

Hello my name is Malachi. I'm 18 months old.I'm outgoing love the outdoors watch t.v. an playing with my toys an visiting the park zoo an museums. I love to learn. Please vote for me. Thank you all in advance.

Ghangis Maximus rice
My name is ghangis pronounced gang-is, I will be 2 months on the 6th. I was born 1 month early on March 6th 2018 at 10:58 a.m. I was 5lbs 15oz 19in long. Please be sure to vote for me as the cutest baby. Xoxo