Our Stories

My name is Lola grace Harwell. I am 8 months. I can crawl, stand with holding onto things. I have two teeth coming in. I’m trying to walk but can’t get it yet! I’m almost there! I’m a very happy baby. I’m a smart baby. I can wave two different ways. I no longer need a binky because I am a big girl!

Kyara A. Spencer
Kyara ANGELIQUE Spencer was born 6/27/18. 3 weeks early...she has been a fighter since birth..weighing at 5lbs 10oz 21inches long..she would love a vote from everyone who has tough skin like her and had to fight to make it another day...She is now weighing at 14lbs and still catching up...If you vote for her she will keep up the terrific smile and will still continue to be a happy baby...thank you for your time...please vote for Juicy????..Thank you..

Nevaeh hope
Nevaeh hope born June 16,2017 is a funny,amazing and smart little girl. She almost died while still in mommy's tummy and had to get emergency c section to bring her into the world. When she smiles she lights up a whole room. Everywhere she goes, she grabs attention from every and anyone because of her smile and personality.

Macie Jewel
Macie Jewel is a Heart filled, adored happy energetic baby! She is know for her strawberry birthmarks on her tummy and Lip. Her stage name Is Red Ruby!

Gabrielle Temple
Hey my name is Gabrielle Serenity Temple I am one years old going one two, February 24. I love to sing, dance, watch tv, and most of all love being an older sister to my baby sister Brooklyn

Ta’Mari is a very adventurous loving baby!! She loves to play and spend time with her other siblings!! She’s always energetic , and is very photogenic. All she needs is a camera in front of her and is ready to smile !!