Our Stories

Preston Picklesimer
Preston was born on August 9th. He was 7lbs 1 oz. 20 inches long born completely healthy. He's always happy and content. He loves hearing people sing to him. Baby Preston is incredibly handsome! VOTE FOR PRESTON!!!

Ryder Key
My name is Ryder I was born on Dec 6th. I was 3 weeks early but I’m the high light of my mommies eyes and a spoiled little boy already. I love to watch Mickey and PJ Mask. I love to laugh and play.

Hayden Blake Rubio Zacharias
Hello, my name is Hayden. I am almost a month old! Getting behind a camera is one of my favorite things to do, as you can tell. ;) I love sticking my tongue out, showing off my dimples, and brightening someone’s day every chance that I get!

Asher Zwaine
Hi! My name is Asher Zwaine and I am quite possibly the happiest baby! Everyone is always telling my mommy how adorable and happy I am every time they see me! I live with my mommy and our wolf pup. We have so much fun together, mommy works a lot but I always get to go with her and play with the other kids she cares for. My great grandmother kept telling me that I should enter contests, save up some college money! So here I am, vote for me!

Ivory rose
My name is ivory i was born December 9,2017 I am 8 months old born in San Antonio Texas I love to blow bubbles with my mouth and stuck my tongue out. I love to smile also

Meilanni audrianna rodriguez
My name Is meilanni and just love my baby gerber foods it’s so yummy. I love when it’s breakfast lunch and dinner time! Can’t wait until I can eat all the gerber foods.