Our Stories

Devin is a month old. He was born two weeks early at 6 pounds and 14oz. He loves to smile and watch his mobile. He loves to cuddle and have someone talk to him.

Sofiya Isabella Josbena
My name is Sofiya I’m from Fairbanks ALASKA. I have three Bonita sisters Jovana, Eyrica and R.I.P my lovely sister Mariah. My mom and dad are from very two different places. My mom was born and raised in Alaska and my father New York. I’m very blessed to be here to day my mom say I was hand pick for earth from my sister in heaven. They call me boo bear because of my snow suit maybe next contest I will enter a photo until then good bless

Kassara Vivian Clair
She’s a miracle baby and was born addicted and didn’t think she would survive the whole pregnancy. She has been such a great addition to this whole blended family.

This little girl we have prayed so hard for. After 4 beautiful boys. We wanted to experience a girl. Our 5th and final time trying for a girl... God granted our wish and made our dreams reality.

Hi , My Name is Finleigh Zayah. I am a year old. My family would describe me as funny , smart and full of sass. Some of my favorite things include spending time with my best friend Eli, going to my Nannies, and playing with my pets.

Brynlee Martin
Brynlee is a little beauty who is FULL of spunk, loves to play dress up, cook in her kitchen, do make up tutorials and play with her baby dolls. She LOVES dressing up and is a natural in front of the camera