Our Stories

Karter Lloyd Noble
Karter Lloyd Noble born 6~22~18. My first son, he was born 3 weeks early at 9.5 lbs and still too this day is a chunk. His nick name is karter bear, he loves cuddles, and being held by momma bear n daddy bear and absolutely LOVES food of course. His middle name is Lloyd after my great grandfather who raised me since i was 3 weeks old (karters father) who was born in 1919 and served ww1 and pearl harbor as well. He had so many amazing characteristics that i wanna pass on too karter so thats why he obtained his name as his middle name.

My niece was a beautiful gift from God my sister is a single mother has a job and takes good care of her daughter I remember when I was away how she asked me if she would have a kid would I always be there I was so surprised and happy that she asked me it mAde me cry ?? cuz even though I'm not there like I should be I'll always be there for my niece if she ever needs me so vote for this lil bad but sweet lil girl

Marshaun Cain
Hello my name is Marshaun Cain I am 1 years old I was born into the most largest world ?? with my most amazing twin sister she’s my best friend I love to dance I love to listen to my ABCs I love to listen to music I love food I love to get dress and show off my swag and chill I have the most amazing personality of an 1 year old

Ashauny cain
Hello my name is Ashauny cain I am 1 years old I was born into this world with a handsome twin brother I love to dance I love to eat and sing I am a diva I love to be pampered I also love fashion

Seleta Castro III
Get for school God good she made alot their but been through pain hurting she protect her self became long way another that was very special to me to her God beautiful baby Seleta want for you .

Lucas Lee Allen
I was 7 weeks early. I love to smile and my favorite hobby is to sleep, eat, and be happy. I hate being cold. I only cry when it’s time to feed me and when I’m really cold. I love hearing my mommy talk to me! ??