Our Stories

Royalti anderson
Hello My Name is Royalti Anderson I am the baby of six older siblings my birthday is 06/18/2018 I love Mickey Mouse.. Everyone say im a Good baby i enjoy laughter and watching my favorite cartoons ..

Hey everyone my name is Bryson Nhek and I was born on sept 7,2018 weighing in at 9 lbs and 2 ounces!! I was born naturally and healthy! I am now 3 months old and wearing 9- 12 months clothes and weighing around 18 lbs!!!! Please vote for me !!! Thank you??

A’vheir is a happy baby that loves to smile. He is a active baby too and loves to jump and down. He’s the best baby everyone loves him. He brings joy to everyone he comes across. VOTE FOR A’VHEIR!!!!!!!

Mickey Ava
My name is Mickey Ava. I was born on May 16, 2018. 5 days later I was dropped off with a babysitter, but my mommy never came back. I am 7 months old now and live with my new mommy and daddy (the babysitter) and they love me more than life! I have 3 big sisters and a big brother! My mommy calls me her little soldier, and my daddy calls me his punkin bear. I am happy and healthy, and their little blessing. Thanks for voting for me!

Tyson is A Smart Happy 1yr. Old who Points at What He wants..His Favorite song as of now is Baby Shark ..He Has 3Big Cousins That Jus Love him to death! Tyson Knows how Crawl Getting Ready To Walk Soon .. He Can't Talk But will Argue With u Don't Let The Cuteness Fool U! He enjoys banging bought him some baby drums n he just loves them! I def can't wait til he's bigger to see what's in store ??

Kahlil Johnson
Kahlil is 2 years old super smart knows his ABC’s colors shapes animal sounds different cars and there sounds he is able to identify the difference in size. We have beeen working on how to identify between letters and what they sound like. Kahlil is filled with energy loves to read and talk about his day.