Our Stories

The Allen gang
We were born to young parents who Whom battles all the time to make sure We have a 2parent family and all is going well until Someone else decide to come into our Life to separate us.besides from all that we are some joyful playful caring kids you will meet... So please vote for us ????

My name is Saphira Nicole im 2 Years old and i live with my mom I have a little sister and a Little brother. I would be Really happy if i won this contest. Please vote for me!

Whitney Bianconi
I was born April 29th, I love swinging and being held. I am definately a hog for mommy and daddy's attention. In their bed is where I prefer to sleep but don't always get away with it at night. Most of all I'm just a baby tryna win some money. Thank you. Love whitney.

Jacob Alexander Santiago
Hi my name is Jacob I'm 2 years old I live in new York city with my mommy and daddy I have 3 big brothers I love playing basketball and enjoy going to the park my favorite toys are puppy pals paw patrol and pj mask I'm a very happy silly toddler whom my mommy loves with all her heart??????

Ismael is a very sweet happy little boy who enjoys swinging at the park and singing with his mommy. He adores his older sister and loves to eat strawberries!

Keani W Jarra Padilla
She Like To Help Her Mom & Dad, Alot Attention,She Loves To Learn Alot Of Thing's, She So Smart, Love To Take A Beautiful Pictures, Activities,Very Loving, She Love Dress Up Dolls, She Love Foods & The Most Is Caring G.