Our Stories

Ka'Mari Love
Ka’Mari came out to be miracle child. I went through 2 miscarriages before her , & to finally have what I been wanting & been missing ! It’s nothing like a daughter love! She is the most wonderful baby ever ! She loves chilling & watching tv , & LOVES laughing! Get to know Mari !!!!!

Phoenix is 3 with has autism is very loving funny and loves to dance an anyone who knows it knows it lol he loves to pose for the camera and show off new outfits or hair cuts, he is different but that’s what makes him so amazing ??

Emma Madrid
Hi I’m Emma. I’m 2 years old and I love to smile and play. I’m a sweet girl who loves to share hugs and kisses and very smart too! I know my colors, a lot of my numbers and tons of nursery rhymes! Vote for me and Thanku very much??

Liam Guerrero
Hello Everybody! My name is Liam Gian Guerrero. I am a smart, handsome, and very playful one year old from Queens, New York. I love my family and I love to smile. Fun fact 1. I seen every single FIFA World Cup l game in the summer of 2018 and learn how to say Gooooal.

Finally Getting To Take Her Home. NICU. She fought through all. Passed every test they gave her. She's So Strong. We Love You Baby Girl. It's hard having your baby taken from you at birth ( I feel for those who do and pray for all ). Thank you to the People that helped her along the way to get her Home to meet her family and be loved and held and to learn how to breastfeed. Bless You

Daniel Jr
My birthday is august 23,2017 i am a very happy boy i love to say dada mama and hey i have so many cute funny facial expressions and i love people especially the ladies my 4 year old sister makes me laugh so hard..i laugh an smile alot!