Our Stories

Da’karii Williams
Hello friends!! I was born in Georgia to my parents Taurean and Marlysa Williams! I’m 7 months old with a very energetic and happy spirit! I am loved by many! So if you could just take a few seconds out of your day and vote for me! With lots of Love thank you!

Lateef is special to me with his heart failing during the pregnancy and with him enduring challenges we was faced with I am so happy he is very charming and loving I couldn't be more blessed to have a son like him

Although Vivi is only 7 months old, she has quite the little personality. While spoiled with love by Mommy, Daddy, and her twin older brothers, she is never without attention -and she knows it! Help her to catch the attention of a few others to win this contest! Thanks! :)

Brynna Belle
Sometimes you just have to put on a tutu and be a diva for awhile !!! Brynna is our beautiful 7 month old daughter who is so full of life and personality , we can’t help but show her off! We wanted to take this snapshot and capture these little precious moments like this that go by so quickly as they grow and learn so that we will always have the memories to cherish. Thank you for any and all votes for our Brynna Belle, they are very much appreciated . But of course she’s always going to be our winner no matter the results ????????????

Josiah Phipps
Josiah Phipps is a 4month old who has already had a rough time since birth he has been hospitalized on two different occasions in the Pediatric ICU and still Josiah would be happy. Every morning he wakes up smiling,that gives me positive vibes to start our day. Being a single mom is extremely hard. Money is very tight. If Josiah wins the baby picture contest with that $ i will open a bank account for him and when he turns 18 it will be his.

I love my mommy, I'm always wanting her to pick me up. Soon I will be walking, I'm now crawling, pulling up on things and getting into everything. I love to e a t and drink. My mommy is doing it all by herself, she is the greatest mom ever. I love my mommy!