Our Stories

Aziya Irvine
Hi. My name is Aziya. I was born on 7-6-18 and had to spend the first 10 days in the special care nursery at the hospital. I am finally home with my mommy, but have a lot of doctor's appt coming up, so winning could help my mommy to stay home with me a little longer. Vote for me!

Hello my name is Cynara but everyone call me d’goddess, I’m 11 months almost 1 years old. I have a sister and brother who I love to play and laugh with, I love to call dada and mama and I even say no. I have bright beautiful eyes and chubby cheeks everyone want to squeeze. And I love my dada the most

Ryan Snellings
I'm Ryan I am 6 months old I was born 1/28/2018 I can say dada I love laughing, smiling and being held. I have a twin sister named Riley I am 3 mins older than her

Hi, my name is Liam and I'm 5 1/2 months old. Check out my eyelashes! I smile at everyone, I love to laugh, and yank on beards. I yell as loud as I can because I think it's hilarious. I love my pets so much, they make me giggle uncontrollably all the time! Everyone always says i'm such a happy baby. It's because I am! Please vote for me!

My name is Addalynn people call me Addy. I like to drink my milk and stick out my tounge in my free time. I also enjoy sleeping and chewing on mamas hand. Vote for me pweeassse

Hey my name is Jaxon. My family calls me Jumping Jax. I was born January 15,2018. I am 6 months old. I am very happy and energetic. I love my mommy and daddy very much. Any who vote for me so I can have a promising future.