Our Stories

Hello everyone my name is Emri..im 7 months old,and a very happy birthday:-)I love being outside with my big brother,and I also love bath time,kicking my feet and splashing.i can say a few words but my favorite word is dada:-)

Nataleigh Sazama
Hi everybody! Nataleigh is an adorable baby, she’s so full of life and loves to smile and laugh about everything. She will be 10 months in a few days. She’s a daddy’s girl. Give her a vote please.

Erin Green
Hello! My name is Erin and I am nine months old. I am a relaxed baby and love food! Food of all types. My favorite things to do are: play with my big sister, being read to, and talking to anybody that will listen. I am very friendly and loves everybody. Thank you for voting for me!

Oliver B. Langle
I am a goofy 18 month old with a heart of gold! I love air planes and helicopters! I love the out doors! If I can run, I will, and I love to make new friends!

Kycon is almost 7 months old he was born March 11 2018. He weighted 10 pounds at birth and was 22 inches long he now weights a little over 30 pounds and about 36 inches long! He has a winning smile!!!

Zoey is a double blessing! For years her mom was told she would never be able to have kids & then Zoey happened! The pregnancy went great! No complications! However when it came time to evict Zoey (at 41 weeks) her heart stopped resulting in an emergency c-section! She is truly a blessing!