Our Stories

Sawyer is somewhat of a mirracle baby. I was told by a Dr. That i was going to miscarry. I did not give up and neither did he because the pregnancy carried through. When he was born he was not breathing well and was in the hospital on oxygen for awhile to keep his oxygen up. But the strong boy is doing well today.

Elijah gomez
Elijah is our miracle baby! After several years of trying at 46 years old, we finally got pregnant and this little handsome guy joined our lives! He truly is a sweet soul! My father passed away Right before Elijah was born and I truly believe that he replaced my dad! He has his kind spirit! Thank you!

Liam Alan Patterson
I was born December 29th 2018 @ 8:39am I’m a tough little guy and calm n quiet unless someone wipes my bottom with a cold wipey. My Gigi thinks I’m the cutest. Maybe you all will, too.

Serenity Emani Jacobs
Serenity Emani Jacobs was born on 1-15-2019 @10:22 and she told me being a model is one of her goals so here I am as her father telling you about my precious little gift from God. Please vote for her...Thanks

Darlah Cabell
Darlah is 9 months old, she loves to play and loves her siblings. She found her favorite smile, has a bright outgoing personality, and can brighten up anyone's day. Has brown hair ocean blue eyes.

Damariae(He is a twin??)
My name is Damariae I am a twin. I have a twin sister we are blessed to be here with the complications mom had during pregnancy we are healthy and Perfect!