Our Stories

She had a rought beging having to have surgrey a day after being born. She almost died when her heart stoped in the hospital. But shes a strong little girl she turns six this year my little mirical.

Baylor Brooks was born 11/13/18 and has already captured the hearts of so many in just a little over two months. He has the cutest grins and a smile that can light up any room!

Kenneth McCoy
You can tell by the looks of me I've been fighting for my life for 7 months slight case Down syndrome Hirschsprung's disease I almost died at three months of age but I came back stronger than ever. Now I am I happy smiling 7 month old

Liam is currently 4 months old and is the most wonderful Happiest and funniest little man we have had. Liam is mommy and daddy's baby monkey, Liam loves being on the go. Liam is and has been working so hard to roll over. He also tries very had to climb over a nursing pillow and laying on his tummy

Penelope Rose
Hello there ! I am Penelope Rose Zamora, I am 6 weeks young! Haha (: I love momma’s milk, I love books being read to me and I also think Grandma is pretty funny. I was born on December 14, 2018. When I came into the world, everyone noticed my smooth white complexion, I loved all the compliments!! I have 5 dogs, my mom said “ Baby Penelope you cannot play with them till you are a bit older.” I also have 1 cat, his name is KeechMonster! I would love to win the $1,000, so momma can buy me many many pampers, because I sure do love to eat!! Haha <3

He is the sweetest, cutest, most fuzzy and cuddly little babyman. <3 He is a little ham bone. Always with a grin and steals your heart with his beautiful blue eyes <3