Our Stories

Cynthia D. Chesser
Born in 1986,she is one of the funniest people ik,highly Respected,n vary caring..always tryn to help the next even when she had nothing,I love you sis n miss u more n more every day..my best friend n my sister.love ur big lil brother b.j.

Miles Gwynn Fox
Miles is 7 months old and loves to laugh. He has a bright smile with a sweet dimple on the right cheek. He vocalizes his feelings in candid rhythms, and will make anyone smile when they see him light up and hear him talk.

Augusta Thomas
My name. Baby boy was adopted my daughter couldn't have anymore children and God blessed her with this beautiful sweet angel so please vote for Augusta ,my friends and family and anyone who would like to vote .Thank you and God bless you!! Darlene Thompson

Danyah was in NICU for first month of life with many struggles including a fever that she nor the doctors could break or figure out why it wouldn't go away. She is pretty healthy now despite battling horrible eczema that has her skin peel and bleeding most of the time. This picture was taken at a rare time when it went away for a week but she continues to struggle with the painful eczema she has been dealt. Worse than the average eczema ppl deal with but she continues to be the bubbly baby she is.

This is my lovely granddaughter, Abigail who loves to sing and dance. She loves play doh. Please vote for her in this contest... she is a beautiful princess.

Attikus Grey
Attikus Grey was born 5 weeks premature with a Congenital Heart defect known as DORV, this heart defect was the worst of the many heart defects he was born with. His DORV was repaired via Open Heart Surgery when he was 11 weeks old. He is now 10 months old and doing amazing! He may need another surgery in the future to correct other heart defects but for now his whole family and all his doctors are so proud of him and how far he has come.