Our Stories

Luna rivera
My little Luna star rivera is my little miracle baby went through complications with my pregnancy and here she is the best thing that ever happened to me

I was a surprise to my mommy and daddy. Daddy wanted a baby boy mommy gave him just that! My name is Knowledge Maurice Gray, my daddy named me. I have 2 brothers and 4 sisters. I am the youngest. I have pretty blue eyes I am biracial white and African American. I am always photo ready. Vote for me please! GOD bless you and thank you kindly.

I'm Sawyer! I am 10 months old! I'm ALWAYS happy! I love my mommy and daddy! I love my big brother and big sister! I also love to eat! Please vote for me!!!

Roy Rodriguez
Hi my name is Roy aka chubby My mami calls me chubby becuz im only 6 months n i fit in a size 9-12 month cloths lol but she love me even tho im only 6 months i already said mama n dada n im tryna crawl time going by fast and im learning alot loving it..????

Savaughn is miracle baby he is mamed after my nephew who passed away 3mths before he was born at the young age of 21 who had no kids so he will carry his name on plus my son stoped breathing 4times when he was 5 wks old and was on a ventilator for 10days. So he is my miracle baby

Rhonda Summers
Hi my name is Rhonda Louise Ann free Summers. I am 15 months old. I love animals and my family. I like to walk and eat and play with momma and daddy. I sure put a smile on everyone face.