Our Stories

This little cutie pie was and is a blessing! He was 7 weeks early and delivered by c-section due to me getting severe preclamsia during my 8th month. I had severe high blood pressure so after my routine checkup they admitted me to the hospital. After a few days they still weren't able to get my blood pressure down so they delivered him May 1st 2017 at 9:48 am. I got to kiss him on cheek and see him briefly before he was whisked away to NICU. He was 4 lbs 2 oz. And had the lungs of a lion. He never needed oxygen just a feeding tube. He was in NICU for a little over a month. He is so full of life and energy and is such a happy baby! He celebrated his first birthday with his family May 1st 2018 and he is walking now. We thank God for him everyday and that he pulled through!!

Luna Shay Melvin
Born December 25th this little angel saved my life. She almost didn't make it do to my addiction but now I'm clean and we are together back with family. Every day is a new adventure and everyday I thank God for being able to go and grow through them with her

Jayden Anderson
Hi, my name us Jayden. I am 14 months old. I love to talk, dance, & play with my toys. Mommy says I'm a character. I love giving my mommy lovimgs & watching movies with her.

Amilah Millon
Hi my name is Amilah Zahara Millon . im 2 months old & cute as a button . i was born in phoenix az on june 15, 2018 at Banner Estrella Hospital . I have a Big sister and Big brother . Their names are Aulani and Alexander . I love Hugs and Kisses & im spoiled rotten .

Phoenix is 8 months old. He's got the cutest personality and loves being outside and playing in the water. He's very curious and is always in the move and exploring.

Josie Brielle Mincey
Baby Josie loves dancing, eating, playing & riding in the car. She loves to take pictures & knows when someone is taking a photo of her. Very outgoing & sweet & mean like a sourpatch kid.