Our Stories

Brynlee Martin
Brynlee is a little beauty who is FULL of spunk, loves to play dress up, cook in her kitchen, do make up tutorials and play with her baby dolls. She LOVES dressing up and is a natural in front of the camera

I was born December 19th 2017 in California. I have three big brothers and a big sister who I love very much! I love petting puppies and clapping my hands. I normally always have a smile on my face and am ready to play!

Zion was Born on Halloween ?? and is a very happy baby ???? When I look at him and other people look ?? at him bring joy into room he is two months old and will be three month old February so everyone plz vote ?? for Zion thanks ??

Alexandra Latham
Hi I'm Alex I was born at 37 weeks weighing 6 lbs 4 oz. I love my mommy and daddy to pieces and I'm spoiled rotten by my whole family. ?? I love to smile, coo, and watch tv. ??

Hi! I’m Lucas, but they call me Luke! I livid in the Pacific Northwest and I am the happiest baby there is! I love to smile and butt-scoot around the house! I like to pet my dog! I love bananas!! Thanks for your vote!!

My name is Pipper Cogburn. I just turned one and love outside, food and baby dolls. I laugh alot and like to play with my toys. I also have two brothers.i am daughter of natasha Ward and Charlie Cogburn!