Our Stories

My name is Ameil ! My mom had me when she was only 7 months ! I was born on August 22 2018! My original due date is October 25 2018! I been in the hospital for almost a month now and I’m growing pretty fast !!!

Jayceon cobb
My son is going on 11 months and i just love everything about my baby he is so smart for his age and if we win the money will be going towards college

SkyBlue Siska
Hello everyone, my name is SkyBlue Ann Siska, I am 3 months old and my mommy and daddy say I'm the cutest baby they have ever seen, what do you all think, please vote for me.

Greyson Jon Feliciano
My baby is truly a special baby boy sent from heaven. The struggle to get him here was so hard but worth every second because he is amazing smart and oh so handsome He is 8 months and he is my pride and join. God bless him always

Cillian Sholes
Hello everyone!(: My name is Cillian and I am almost 3 months old! I love to smile and kick so much and spending time with mommy & Daddy?? please vote for me, I would greatly appreciate it ??????

Eliana Furtado
I didn’t know what love was until my sweet baby girl came into my life. She can brighten up anyone’s day and is so happy all of the time! Vote for Eliana Rose ??