Our Stories

Hi ! My name is Veronica and I'm 1 years old . I love to play , dance and run around . I am very loving and would love it if you voted for me !!? Thank you !

Jayla Ann Wiggins
Jayla Ann Wiggins was born January 18,2018. I am a young mom and she makes so happy. She was a surprise when I found out and I was scared but now that she is about to be 9 months I couldn’t be more happy. She helps me keep going and I thank God that he choose me to hold this precious gift. She is the most happy and fun baby and no matter what she always has a smile on her face.

Mylayah Jayne
Mylayah is 5 months old and always smiling. Her mommy is in college and daddy is looking for work. She is a happy chunky giggly baby but watch out cuz she also has major attitude!

Makeen Law
Hi, my name is Makeen. I have a very bubbly personality. I love to smile , especially when I see my mommy and daddy. I’m only three months. And I’m learning to grab things and enjoy doing tummy time. Kisses to you all ??

I was born on June 18th, 2018 at 10:19pm. I was a huge surprise to my mommy and daddy, both mommy and daddy knew nothing about me. Doctors never told mommy she was pregnant, and 9 months later I happened.

My name is Cristiana and I'm 13 months old. I love to cuddle, smile, observe things, and I love taking pictures. Please vote for me so my mommy can put the winning money in my savings account so I can use in the future for an education or for my first car. My mom cares about me deeply and just wants to help make whatever dreams I may have later on come true. Thank you for reading and go vote for me :)