Our Stories

Mia Bunai
Hi my name is Mia. I’m almost a year old. I have two teeth. I am a very happy baby. I enjoy watching tv and playing with my toys. I love my mommy and daddy .??

Da’Nyla Taylor
Da’Nyla is one of the happiest babies I know, she’s friendly and smiles and laughs with everyone. She Loves to chew on her hands and play in her hair.

Amiyah L Sims
Amiyah is the 1st grandbaby and she is love by so many people. She deserve the best and more. I would give my world for my baby. Im doing my best to make her life easy, bright, happy and wonderful. Im a proud mother that was blessed with a good smart happy baby for life. She love playing in her hair and laughing at her aunties....I never thought that a person this cute would come from me and brighten everybody world and being us closer to one another.

Zora Pickett
Zora is a blessing is so many ways, she has changed my life. Zora is also a miracle she was born dead and was gone for 27 minutes, God sent her back to us, for the first week doctor's really didn't she her living and they would day if she does she will be brain dead. My little girl showed them each day she improved. thanks to all the prayers she is now a healthy, perfect 6 month little girl!

This is Joshua. He is an amazing baby with three fantastic older brothers. Joshua is in end stage kidney failure and has been on peritonial dialysis since he was three weeks old. He spent 3 months in the nicu and is now waiting for a kidney transplant, a kidney he will receive from his daddy. He is a squishy, fluffy bundle of joy. They said he wouldn’t make it to 37 weeks in utero, he did. They said he wouldn’t cry, he did. They said he wouldn’t pee, he did. Our family motto is Joshua 1:9. Follow Joshua’s Journey at 1tiredmom.com/teampee.

Kordei Amari Price
Kordei Amari Price was born October 6, 2017. She is a very happy, energetic, intelligent, and sweet baby girl. She loves to eat, laugh, chew on toys, mimic things people do, and listen to her Mother Goose videos.