Our Stories

Colton Daniel Clevenger
I was born on April 24, 2019. I was 2 weeks early. My mommy and daddy were scared because the doctor told them mommy’s water broke and she was in active labor! Yay! Then 9 hours later the doctor said that her water wasn’t broken and she wasn’t in active labor! Mommy and daddy went to another hospital and they told her she WAS in active labor and her water broke but they had to go back to the other hospital since that’s where mommys doctor was. Mommy and daddy went home before going back to the other hospital but mommys water broke at home! Mommy and daddy went back to the second hospital where they were told my cord was wrapped around my arm and mommy had to have an emergency c section! Mommy and daddy were so scared... At 5:31 AM I was born!! Mommy was hurting a lot but I’m here now so mommy is ok! Mommy and daddy are so happy! Can you please vote for me so mommy and daddy and my brother and sister and I can go back to a place called California? Mommy says I have family there that haven’t met me and daddy has a good job waiting for him! We are losing our home and we are all scared but mommy and daddy are trying everything they can to get us where we have a home. Thank you!

My perfect storm. After having open heart surgery June of last year & going through unimaginable pain and despair today Amilian is the light of our eyes. His recuperation was pretty fast. That showed us how strong and valiant our boy is. Today he continues to take heart medication but he loves life, loves his family and can’t leave a place without introducing himself to everyone. Just for this and 1,000 more reasons I hope Amilian wins The Great American photo contest.

Cassandra banuelos
Cassandra is 3 years old and the youngest of 8. shes likes to take pictures or should I say selfies..Lola's well as singing and dancing to all styles and types of music..

This is Ayda, I had her and her twin brother at 5 months, she only live a few hours before passi g due to having her early . She will always be my precious little

The Allen gang
We were born to young parents who Whom battles all the time to make sure We have a 2parent family and all is going well until Someone else decide to come into our Life to separate us.besides from all that we are some joyful playful caring kids you will meet... So please vote for us ????

Leron williams
leron is always a happy little guy, even when he's feeling bad, he always has a very beautiful smile on his little face with his dimples, he lights up the room when he's around??????????????