Our Stories

I am two-years old turning three-years in April of 2018. I know all my letters, I can count to 15, I know most of my colors, and I know most of my shapes. I love to dress up in my princess dresses but at the same time I love to play with my toy cars and trains. I love to ride my bike and play with my baby cousin.

Jamari is a very happy advanced chocolate baby boy that loves kisses from mommy and to be talked to all day! He also shares his birthday with his mommy, how adorable!!

I am 1 years old and love to play! This photo was taken at my aunt's wedding. I was the flower girl and danced the night away! I have a huge personality and steal the hearts of everyone around me. Please vote for me!

Ryder Smith
Hi ! My name is Ryder Smith ! I am 15 months old and boy do i have a lot of hobbies ! I love to run around and play with all my toys , go on hiking adventures with my parents , and provide lots of priceless moments captured on camera !! I love to smile so please make me smile even bigger and vote for me as the cutest baby!

Ryan Joseph James Titus
Ryan is truly a tiny miracle. He was born on July 4th! After I've (his mom) suffered from a miscarriage, one of many, in late October. Imagine my surprise that I was pregnant again so soon! Battling my chronic illness, he beat Every odds that was thrown our way, and came out Beautiful,happy, and healthy, which was what my biggest fear was. Now, at just about a month old, He is already holding his head up, and trying so many new things! He is truly a very special little boy!

Joseph ronquillo
Well this is my baby boy my angel he is something special. I went through a ruff time when i was pregnant with Joseph the told me it was high risk to have him cause i could lose him are i would lose my life.but i had him a month early had very high blood Pressure and i almost lost him after week after i had him and stood in the hospital for two weeks and to me i think he should be voted so please vote for joseph ronquillo but he is happy go baby wakes up everyday been happy no matter what