Our Stories

Lyric duncan
Lyric has come so far already, being as young as he is. He is definitely a fighter and deserves to win. He was born at 29 weeks, weighed 3lbs 5oz. Now you cant even tell he was a preemie...vote for lyric.

Ethan Renfroe
Hey my name is Ethan. I am entering to help out my family in need. Please vote for my cuteness not because of the prizes. I was told I wouldn't get many votes so I want to prove this person wrong. Thank you for your time and generosity.

Logan Renfroe
My name is Logan, I'm loved by all and every person stops to say hi and how beautiful my eyes are. My personality just started showing and I am a very happy baby unless I am sick. Please vote for me because I just want to see how many votes I would get.

I'm Mary 7months old now and growing fast, got a set of teeth coming in. I like to play crawl,roll and sit up on my own like a big girl. Will always see me with a smile on my face.

Dallas Scott Loftin is one of those most laughing, jolly, smiling, and happy baby I know. This boy loves to play and loves attention. Just know when you are down and are so sad, she will make you happy again. This boy brings tears of joy to my eyes and wouldn’t trade him for nothing. He is 4 and a half months old an is almost 16 pounds. G od gave me t he most precious gift that I could have ever received. My baby boy is so heartwarming to the touch.

Brandon Broga jr.
This is my 5 month old son Brandon , He is already starting to look like a little man, He is so full of life and Has a smile that would light up a room He’s a happy and a very good baby .I am very blessed to have such a great son there’s nothimg I would not do for him . Love you Brandon