Our Stories

Kaniala Viela
Hi everyone my Name is Kaniala and I just made 2 months, I am the youngest of 3 boys in my family i love to be held and sleep on mommy, I started "cooing" about a week ago and I also love when my older brothers keep me company when I'm awake they can be quite noisy at all times of the day. I love when mommy and brothers talk to me it just warms my heart and I always give them the biggest smile if im not in a good mood I just stick out my tounge.so vote for me please and thank you!

James Kasen Rhoads
I am 3 years young! I love being outside with my neighbors, fishing & riding horses with daddy, attending church, learning new things & reading with momma, playing trains & cars with my little brother & playing drums! I have the biggest heart and most caring spirit!

Temperance Hayden Wedlock
Temperance is a lot of diva wrapped up in a tiny little package! She's almost 7 months old and loves sitting, crawling, and playing with her puppy Khaleesi! She has a contagious smile that she brings with her wherever she goes!

Deklan Bartholemew McDonald
Deklan B McDonald is the sweetest, smiliest, and most cuddly baby boy in the world! He brightens up our days and keeps us on our toes. His favorite things to do is stretch, burp and laugh when we sing to him. Vote for Deklan!!!! The future NHL champ! ??

I Am Matteo O. Umana-Uriostegui. I Love Waking Up In The Morning With A Big Smile On My Face. I Like To Smile At Everyone Who Plays And Talks To Me. I Love To Be Werid And I’m Very Crazy. That’s Why Everyone Loves Me.

Ja’Kyng Green
Hi Am Ja’Kyng But People Call Me Kyng For Short??Am A Happy,Loving,Funny 5 Month Old Baby Boy.One Thing That My Mommy Lives About Me Is My Birth Mark On My Right Leg And It’s Shape Like A Heart??.She Also Loves The Way I Wake Her Up At 6:30am Just To Listen????To Her HeartBeat?? Jus To Fall Back To Sleep????But Vote For Me Am Adorable ??