Our Stories

Legend is 3 months. He has a smile that will brighten the world, a happy baby with a personality...Legend made his debut into the world on Fathers Day. Now how special is that!! Legend is my first great grandson.

Braylee Poage
My name is Braylee I was born on February First And I Loooove To Eat Smile And Play. Please Vote For Me To Win This Contest So Mommy Can Get Me The Things I Need And More . Every Vote Counts I Mean How Could You Not Love This Smile ?!

Hi! My name is Ivan, i am 7 months old. I have 2 teeth that came in at the same time! I can crawl and stand up on furniture. I love seeing my mommys face it just brightens up my whole world. Daddy says i have the greatest smile of all time. My favorite song is cant help falling in love by Elvis Presley but i like when momma sings it to me that is our theme song. I am very energetic and love to meet new faces.

Hi! My name is Isaac, i am 1 and a half years old i love my brothers and sister but sometimes i act like a but head to them. My favorite place to be is at the park mommy takes me 4 times a day for 2 hours, the swings are my favorite things to play on when im at the park; i like to go really high. Moana is my all time favorite movie i watch it atleast 1 time everyday.The most bestest part of the day is dinner time thats when i eat all my food i love most foods mommy and daddy cook i even clear my plate.

Lily is a very smart out going 1year old, whom loves cars, baby dolls, and dancing! Lily is the center of mommy and daddy's world. Because of her the world has become an even better place. Everyone she meets is sure to smile! Comments

Hey, my name is Atticus. Most people call me Weeman though, or my momma calls me her little nugget because I’m so chunky. I’m quite the catch ;) So vote for me and adore my cute jelly rolls and adore my smile ??