Our Stories

I am Ja'kobe Malachi Irby and I'm turning 2 months on January 13th.. I'm such a loving baby. My momma spoils me so much. I cry when she puts me down . I love sitting up watching TV with my mom she's the best. I love music too I stay up in church . I sometimes smile with my eyes when I with my grandma.

Abbigail Rose
Abbigail Rose is 5 months old. Abbi loves rolling over and trying new baby foods. She is the youngest and her 2 older brothers liver her very much. Her oldest brother Kaden likes rocking her in the rocking chair and her middle brother Karson enjoys rolling in the floor and laughing with her. Remember to vote for Abbigail Rose!!!!

Gabriel John Leon Gonczar
This is my angel Gabriel .. He was born june 7th 2018. I previously had 2 tubal pregnancies leaving me with a half tube on one side and no tube on the other side. I went through invetro fertilization. Was told i could not concieve unless i grew the baby in a petri dish and was inserted into my uterus. Last year i turned 38 and was told i was pregnant!!! What a blessing he has been to me his father and the entire family???. He lives up to his name because the angel Gabriel in the bible is known to help with conception and child birth.

Bella Marie Crume
Hello my daughter bella just turned 6 months today and she has the smile of a model . shes. Always joyful and happy and loves to laugh . shes very photogenic also . even her lacking pictures be cute ?? . just give her a chance please. We'll love to hear back from yall

Hello my name is Royce I am a very happy smiling and laughing loving 6 month old who’s mommy and daddy love me very much so they wanted to share my cuteness with the world

Journee Lee’Ava Foster
Hello! I am Journee Foster , and I am 2 months old. I love my bath time and I LOVE to talk and laugh. My opa (granddad) is my favorite person in the world!