Our Stories

Emmelia Mae Rose Martin
Emmelia, who calls herself Mimi, is our little social butterfly. She’s never met a stranger. She lives to sing and dance, and paint with her big sisters. She’s a loving big sister to her baby brother and helps mommy take the best care of him. She also loves being a good doctor to her babies.

Ellius Leon
I am 9 months old and I love attention. I get attention everywhere I go. I am Dominican and Italian. Love crawling everywhere and grabbing everything to put in my mouth. I also bite so watch out ladies.

Claira Kahua Vang
She’s mommy and daddy’s only princess! She is just what our family needed to bring a little more excitement into our lives. Her smiles, her giggles... just everything about her is just so perfect! IHelp my sweet baby girl when this CUTEST contest!

Tiffany Benn
Tiffany is a beautiful active 7mo old!She is loving funny , Tiffany is my real life baby doll. Her personality well bring spark anyone's eyes she is truly a gift to be treasured forever!

Maxwell is a happy baby who doesn't care for sleep.. when he finally does, he parents watch in awe of his angelic beauty..maxwell is the younger sibling to his brother Phil, who has special needs.. since Maxwell came into the world, his presence and happiness has really helped his older brother blossom, and become more socail.. Maxwell is the happiest most sweetest little guy we know..

Hello im skylar. Im one years old and already have a life story. My mother works hard to make sure i have everything i need. And i know she loves me. So please vote for me